San Nicolas Tech

Web Development


Working with CultMethod on various sites, landing pages, interactive page components, and email templates.

Jon over at CultMethod and I have worked together on many projects, utilizing tools such as Tailwind CSS, Alpine.js, and SSGs.

Some examples:

  • T-Shirt Express Ohio - Developing front page elements, the price calculation widget, and custom functionality.
  • Wealthcare for Women - Developing layout items, such as content, header, and footer sections.

Los Tarascos Bakery and Deli

Creating a fast, focused, mobile-optimized informational site for a Santa Barbara, CA based business.

The previous site for Los Tarascos lacked personality and color - completely off-brand for a vibrant, Mexican bakery. Their new site features their full range of foods and drinks, and it highlights some of the great things about a local, welcoming establishment.

Careful consideration was made for mobile, as nearly all traffic comes from organic mobile searches. Performance on weak cell signals, unfortunately common in the area around Los Tarascos, was critical.

Developing digital presence for a non-profit working to regenerate soil, water, and forests through agroforestry in Guatemala and Brazil.

This project utilizes WordPress, with special considerations for the sensitive nature of donations. WordFence, staging and development environments, and constant backups are utilized to ensure uptime and security. Performance was built-in from Day 1, with a lean, efficient theme, Cloudflare CDN, and server-side optimizations.

In addition, site structure and content were carefully considered and implemented for maximum SEO potential. RankMath is used for schema, meta, and content optimization.